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Sex - Schistosomiasis - STD

Perpetuation of Schistosomiasis without a Snail

· STD-SChistosomiasis

I am observing schistosomiasis being spread by people that have no travel history to subtropical areas during sex. Schistosomiasis can be passed by unprotected sex to M-F, F-M, M-M, F-F. No group is safe and this disease if more contagious than previously thought. Transmission routes can be from traditional sex to oral and other types with partners.

Typical STD schistosomiasis signs to show up in males are similar to a UTI (with in 4-7 days) with frequency in urination. The urine typically presents as clear for the body is trying to rid itself of an invader. As the disease progresses over time you can expect low seminal fluid volume that can have thick yellow chunks in it.

Female STD schistosomiasis typically present with similar UTI symptoms (with in 4-7 days) followed by frequency in urination. Vaginal discharge can be expected as the disease progresses with thick white or yellow fluid. Sex becomes painful or uncomfortable due to inflammation of tissue within the vaginal canal.

If unprotected oral was practiced by any group there can be expected mouth sores and introduction of schistosomiasis into the gastrointestinal tract.

Once this disease has entered via the genital areas in either sex it begins it's life cycle. What I am proposing is the Snail is no longer needed to perpetuate this disease.

Schistosomiasis Life Cycle