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The U.K. Study

We partnered with a I.C. (Interstitial Cystitis) support group in the U.K. and tested them. Most of these ladies have been clinically diagnosed as having I.C. by their GP.

The results were 21 people tested to include some of the ladies partners or spouses and there were 14 positives in the group with 7 negatives.

Most of the ladies had symptoms equal to schistosomiasis with bladder pain and vaginal discomfort being the number one complaint. None of the ladies had any travel to endemic regions in the world where schistosomiasis was present. They all started to show symptoms after having sexual relations with men. Some of those men were from an endemic regions or have traveled themselves to an endemic region only to bring it back with them.

The more I study this I am convinced that this is a new strain of schistosomiasis and is being spread sexually. As an infected male or female in that matter, is capable of hosting the parasite in their genitals allowing it to spread during intercourse. Simply put if a male had become infected with schistosomiasis haematobium and was shedding eggs at the time of sex he would ejaculate those eggs into the female's vagina. There it would be met with a hospitable environment, wet, warm and acceptable for it to hatch within its 15 min window of exposure to water (vaginal fluid). Once it has hatched its now a miracidia and free to move about looking for a blood supply to continue its lifecycle into an adult worm.

A few of the ladies were able to receive praziquantel and took it in a varying number of ways. Some took it at 60mg/kg single dose, 60mg/kg divided over 3 doses in a day, one tried taking that dose for 3 days in a row.

Below are photos of what we believe are adult schistosomiasis worms being expelled after taking praziquantel. The subject stated that she could feel when it passed from her urethra. Lab results from London were indistinguishable matter. You can make out that it is covered in a clear gel or protective layer that it used to help attach to the bladder wall.

We know that praziquantel works to kill the adult worms but we are lacking an approved drug to treat the juvenile stage of the infection. Without this we are just kicking the can down the road so to speak as you will never become cured. The current drug administration usually is a second dose at 6 weeks as that is the time it takes to mature into and adult. There is an herbal remedy but its just that an unregulated or approved to treat schistosomiasis and that is wormwood. Wormwood as been long used in history to treat parasitic infections in the larval stage. It is very close chemically to Artemether a pharmaceutical drug that is used to treat malaria.

Subject stated that they now would say they are cured of Schistosomiasis after using praziquantel and wormwood followed by colloidal silver.

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Expelled matter from bladder after subject took praziquantel
Expelled matter from bladder after subject took praziquantel
Expelled worm from bladder after subject took praziquantel
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