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Bladder Pain

Urge to urinate

Bladder pain with urge to urinate is what I had and it turned out to be a Schistosomiasis infection. Here are the symptoms I experience when this happens. It comes on with a slight urge to urinate more frequently than normal. This is followed by an increasing urge to urinate plus bladder pain that I can describe as pressure with sharp needle sticks just above the pubic symphysis bone. The pain is usually varying in intensity but typically a 3 on a 10 scale, its enough to keep you up all night. As the frequency of urination picks up usually every 2 hours or less I start to become dehydrated and can't replenish fluid fast enough. This is when things really start to go down hill fast for me as the worms are laying eggs faster and my body is trying to expel them rapidly. I notice that my urine is clear with no color what so ever, I find this odd as being dehydrated you would expect your urine to change to a darker color. At this point I now have to treat myself quickly or force a E.R. visit and go through the never ending cycle of test that don't reveal anything with Dr's telling me its either a UTI or they don't know what is wrong with me. Typically they give me IV fluids and send me out the door with an antibiotic that only slightly helps and orders to follow up with a specialist that doesn't know whats wrong with me either because western Dr's don't believe in parasites or that we surly can't be exposed to them because its always a "disease of Africa" comment.

If you are lucky enough to find a great Dr they will prescribe you Praziquantel and that works wonderful and fast. Usually the Praziquantel starts to work in 4 hours and completely rids me of the infection. The only problem is you need a proscription for it and its expensive in America ($100 per pill) and for me a single dose is 6 pills($600.00).

Where did the come from and how did I get it? Schistosomiasis has spread beyond Africa and it is well documented as such. I was exposed to contaminated water that we used as potable water for washing, showering and even brushing your teeth. My first symptoms were swimmers itch, frequent urination and bladder pain followed by being exhausted all the time I mean I would sleep 18hrs a day. You can read all my symptoms under on my website. I was at my wits end when I started to research and find the true cause of why. The bladder pain is from the eggs migrating through my bladder wall from the capillaries surrounding it where the female go to lay their eggs. Basically there are 2 types of schistosomiasis bladder, haematobium and intestine, Mansoni. Depending on what specie you have determines your symptoms. The haematobium specie is the one I had in my bladder and the root cause of my pain and suffering. If you have unexplained bladder issues or you or your wife has female problems with no answers from the doctors it is worth a shot to look at Schistosomiasis as the cause. I have discover and written an paper on how Schistosomiasis is being transmitted sexually and its happening as we speak. This disease is out of its box and moving around the world. Imagine when an infected person entered the US on vacation swims in a freshwater lake or river and urinates in it, thats all it takes. From that moment on schistosomiasis is in that water can soon that body of water has the potential to infect thousands. The first signs are "Swimmers itch" from the parasite penetrating your skin making its way to blood supply to eventually end up in your liver.