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Wonderful relief...

Schistosomiasis after Praziquantel

This is what I expelled by urination the morning after taking Praziquantel. I have never in my life felt such relief the pain was gone. As you can see from the photo I passed all sorts schistosome and eggs. You can tell the white debris are parasites as they float to the surface on water. To this day I can still remember the feeling of success that I finally knew what was wrong with me and not chasing another wrong diseases or illnesses.

The down side to praziquantel is it only works on the adult worms. I have taken this drug several different times and noticed that when I am having high volume of urine excretion due to schistosomiasis haematobium praziquantel does not work on the eggs. Because one of the troubles with haematobium is egg production in the bladder or vesicles sounding the bladder praziquantel will not solve this. But taken on a 6 week interval it can eliminate the next generation of adult worms until you get rid of them all. Why 6 weeks well that is the time it takes an egg to grow inside you until it becomes adult.

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