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Exercise and Schistosomiasis

Every time I have a strenuous workout being it cardio or weights that night and next day I have HUGE uptick in urination with egg dump. Now having been diagnosed with Schistosomiasis Haematobium and cured then reinfected from my wife cured agin and so on. Every time it hits me and I could not figure it out until I watched a video from Parasitic Diseases Lectures #41: Schistosomes . Dr Dickson and Daniel have a great explanation of how in Schistosomiasis Haematobium the eggs get trapped in the capillaries/tissue around the bladder and then recycled into the liver. Basically the exertion during exercise with the rise in both blood pressure and pulse dislodge the stuck eggs and possibly worms from tissue inside the body. Once released they are making their way out the bladder.

I just put this theory to the test (17 Apr 19) by using praziquantel to treat a HUGE uptick in urine production. Today I urinated 6Liters of urine with the majority of it being very pail to clear accompanied with bladder pain. The frequency of urination is generally every 2 hours or sooner with bladder pain. I took the prescribed dose of 40mg/kg praziquantel and it had no effect of stopping the urination. My conclusion is that the exercise did in fact knock loose eggs that were previously deposited in the tissue and or capillaries of my bladder as the praziquantel had not effect.

What does work is Kroegers woodworm combination as it includes cloves and they are essential to removing eggs from tissue.