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So why is my question?

I have taken several rounds of Praziquantel and I keep getting reinfected!

But why, well we tested my spouse and she is infected with Schistosomiasis. Ok we both are prescribed Praziquantel and wait to see if it goes away, NO.

I am able to clear the infection but my wife is so heavily infected the Praziquantel is slow to kill off all her infection. She also is using an IUD and I believe that it has something to do with the Schistosomiasis not leaving because she does not have a period.

The slides confirmed that the drug worked to kill off the adult form of Schistosomiasis but I was still able to see cercariae in the slides at x40 under the microscope.

The next question is, how to we get rid of the juveniles?

In the US we do not have an approved medication to treat larvae and eggs for schistosomiasis. More to follow...