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My Journey 

My reason for writing about Schistosomiasis is to inform the world of this forgotten disease. I knew nothing about it, didn't even know it existed until I had lived with it unknowingly for 6 years. As we have moved away from rural life and into the city as a western culture the knowledge of parasites has left us. Things that were once common knowledge in our culture and talked about have been forgotten. I asked the elders in my life of parasites and how and what did our ancestors do about them. To my discovery deworming was done for humans in western culture twice a year every spring and fall. Why did we stop? What changed, the move to the city? Was the water any more clean or sanitary there now that you could not smell the manure? From WWII I have found posters warning of Schistosomiasis and ways for GI's to prevent it. We have fought 4 majors wars since then and none have reminded us about parasites. I remember the briefings about snakes, camel spiders and dysentery but nothing about water borne parasites or worms. Maybe Malaria from Vietnam but certainly they forgot to tell them about Liver Flukes, just read the articles today. I hope that people read this and begin to think about the world we live in today and what dangers are there that you can't see.