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Schistosomiasis an STD!!!

What I have found out with my research for the path of infection during sex. Female to male infection of schistosomiasis the passing of eggs, miracidia and adult worms happens during unprotected intercourse.

The infected female is a result of schistosomiasis making its way from the urethra (haematobium) from deposited eggs during urination or from direct infection from a male with schistosomiasis. Once inside the vagina the parasite is free to move about and has an hospitable environment to live. When the male penis penetrates the vagina it is susceptible to infection directly through the urethra. The infection will start to show signs in the male within 24 hours with increased frequency of urination and pain in the penis. From there the infection will continue to rise making its way into the bladder and eventually the kidneys. At this point the male has succumb to the infection with schistosomiasis with it having full access to the body because of the blood supply in the kidneys. Ultimately it will find the liver where it will perpetuate the cycle needed to transform into the adult form and start mating producing eggs.

I am finding more and more semen samples infected with adult schistosomiasis worms. My theory on this is schistosomiasis haematobium is already in the urinary system and finds the prostate as a meal. With semen being fructose a sugar and the fact that parasites love sugar over anything else it makes sense they would reside there. In those schistosomiasis infected males I have reports of decreased semen when ejaculating. Along with that they report a burning sensation in the urethra and especially after urination, this is from the worms creating tears in the lining from their suckers. If adult schistosomiasis worms are in semen then you most certainly can pass it sexually!

The photos below show without a doubt that schistosomiasis is more infectious than pervasively expected.

Schistosomiasis worm in semen.

Female schistosomiasis worm in semen sample of infected male.

Schistosomiasis worm in vaginal sample.

Female schistosomiasis worm in vaginal sample of infected female.

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